Prepare for Your Survey

Ok, you’ve scheduled a Survey. What do you need to do to prepare? Use this checklist to get your vessel ready!

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  • The owner has given Written Permission for the survey.
  • Keys for ignition and locked spaces will be made available.
  • Contact Information is available for both Buyer and Seller (if applicable.)
  • The following Documents will be onboard and available:
    • State Registration and/or USCG Documentation will be aboard and current.
    • If available, previous records should be present. i.e. Former Titles
    • Owner/operator Manuals for engine(s), machinery, systems, and electronics.
    • Vessel Log and/or Service Log.
  • The vessel should be Clean and Neat.
  • All hatches and lockers should be made Accessible and free of non-related objects.
  • All equipment being sold with the vessel should be made available at the time of survey.
  • Both DC and AC voltages should be made available.
  • Inform the Boatyard or Marina management of the survey date and surveyor’s name.
  • Schedule an Appointment with the hauling yard to haul the vessel on the day of the survey (if applicable).
    • Pro-Tip: Consider the time passed since the vessel’s last haulout. Ascertain if new zincs or bottom paint are required. Coordinate accordingly.

NOTE: Haul-out fees are separate from the cost of the marine survey.

  • If the vessel is on residential property, Coordinate the survey date with the residence owner and provide the surveyor’s name.
  • Sewage holding tank is empty.
  • Water tanks are filled for system test.

Sea Trial

For a Sea Trial, please complete the Primary Survey Checklist and the following:

  • The boat is adequately Insured.
  • The owner or his authorized representative will operate the boat and there will be sufficient crew onboard to operate the boat. The surveyor will not operate the vessel.
  • All USCG required Safety Equipment is on board and is in working order.
  • There is Sufficient Fuel on board and engine(s) is/are operational.
  • Batteries are installed, accessible, and Fully Charged.
  • Electronics are installed.
  • Toilets are ready for use/testing.
  • Bilges are dry and clean and bilge pumps are operational.
  • All sea valves are operational.
  • For Sailboats, running rigging is operational and sails are onboard and ready to hoist during sea trial.
  • Attendance of family and friends is strongly discouraged.
  • Boat covers have been removed and canvas (dodger, bimini) is deployed.
  • Do Not start engine(s) for 24 hours before the surveyor’s arrival.

Click Here to Print the Checklist

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