Types of Surveys

Condition & Valuation

Condition & Valuation (C&V) surveys include an exhaustive examination of your vessel’s hull and deck, on-board machinery, electronics, auxiliary equipment, safety gear, and general appearance. Also included is a valuation of the vessel. C&Vs can be used as both a Pre-Purchase Survey and an Insurance Survey.


If you are buying a boat, new or used, you’ll want to have as much information about the vessel as possible. Our Condition & Valuation reports include everything listed above; For an additional fee, a sea-trial can be added at the buyers request.


If you already have a boat and need insurance, our Condition & Valuation reports can be used for that as well.

Some surveyors offer shorted reports for Insurance Surveys. I do not believe in having different Pre-Purchase and Insurance reports; A detailed report keeps our customers safe and informed.

Service Area

The primary area of service is Whidbey Island and the ports that surround it including: Anacortes, Port Townsend, Mukilteo, and Everett. Any survey outside these areas is subject to an addition fee to compensate time and fuel usage.


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